Vehicle Tracking

Ziva Technologies Limited offers cost effective, robust and reliable vehicle tracking services leveraging the award winning and industry leading tracking technologies from Tramigo



We have been operating since 2013 and we have recorded huge successes in car tracking. We ensure proven protection for your vehicles and other moving assets.


Tramigo is an advanced Fleet Monitoring System with management capabilities that offers much more features than standard GPS Tracking system very affordable prices. Tramigo is backed by technicians and engineers with the ability to customize expand and successfully deploy it to virtually any application.

Tramigo is best suited for the following kind of businesses and other businesses that require the management of fleet of vehicles and movable assets;

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Why Choose Tramigo?

 What Makes Tramigo the World’s Best Selling Tracker

Selecting the correct tracker is difficult as most seem similar on the outside. Almost everyone can locate your device using GPS location and lets you set alarms for speeds, geofencing or motion detection. The reality however is that if you can’t receive messages from your device – or understand the locations your device is sending you, your tracking device is useless in that moment. When choosing a tracker to secure your assets or company fleet,  ensure the following:

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere – Even When Offline

If the tracker says you need to login or set up an account on a website, it’s very likely that you’ll only be able to track by connecting to the site. Unless your plan is to stare at a screen day in and out, this isn’t a good way to track. Tramigo gives you full mobile software to get all updates – or only selected critical messages – direct to your mobile phone, even when you don’t have access to the Internet.

Easy to Use in Your language

Most low grade trackers come with no or poor user interface software and machine translated instructions that at worst ask you to memorize long alphanumeric commands just to get a simple location update from your device. Tramigo can be used on any mobile phone with easy SMS commands in plain English – or other language of your choice – and comes with full smartphone, tablet and PC software to control all functions of your device with just a few taps and clicks.

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Understanding vehicle locations with TLD landmarks displayed on top is quicker without the need to zoom in and out of maps.

No Monthly Fees or Reliance on 3rd Parties

Be careful when signing up for service contracts or buying devices that include “Free service for 1st year”. Not only can the costs mount quickly, you’ll need to send your sensitive location data over the Internet to a third party and risk having your device becoming inoperative if the company ceases to exist or has problems with their server. Unless solid additional services such as medical rescue or vehicle recovery teams are offered, it’s likely that you’ll get the same and more from Tramigo, with no monthly fees or license payments –your only cost is your mobile operator’s normal price for SMS or GPRS data sent.

Reliability and Full Aftermarket Support

Trusting your fleet of vehicles to a low grade tracker is like doing a paradrop without a backup chute – the effects of a tracker failing when it’s most needed can have severe consequences. You’ll sleep better knowing that by using only high grade components in our devices we’ve achieved the lowest defect rate in the industry. If still not convinced, ask your tracking manufacturer if they can match Tramigo:

  • Full 24-month warranty for all vehicle trackers, backed up by 24-hour customer support
  • Full offline functionality that lets you track even if there is an Internet problem
  • SMS backup communication when GPRS coverage isn’t good enough
  • Backup battery that allows your device to function even if vehicle power is cut

Free Fleet Management and Mobile Softwares

There is a big difference between receiving messages  on a mobile device or PC and being able to easily manage vehicles from it. With our Tramigo M1 Move mobile software or the M1 Fleet Enterprise Server, you’ll be able to track, manage settings, view history and compile and export statistics from all your vehicles easily instead of just receiving one off location updates.

Easy to Understand Location Data That Beats Mapping Alone

Exclusive to Tramigo, TLD landmarks translate cryptic GPS coordinates into locations you can easily understand and communicate to others. Compared to a simple dot on a map TLD Landmarks allow instant understanding of locations without zooming in and out. Because TLD landmarks for your entire region are preloaded and sent by your Tramigo device over the GSM network, you won’t lose track of your fleet just because you lose connection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tramigo

  1. Does Tramigo have command to demobilize Car?

Yes, and this is one of the key features of Tramigo. It can immobilize car with just an SMS from your phone to the Tramigo tracking device. Note that the tracking device must be wired to the ignition system, however, if the owner of the car, does not desire this feature, Tramigo can then only be used to track the location of the car.

  1. Can you lock down the coordinates or the areas that the car should not go to?

Yes, Tramigo does this through one of its features, known as geo fencing. Tramigo sends you a notification immediately your vehicle crosses a set coordinate or area. It can also disable the vehicle when this happens, if desired.

  1. Is there any yearly subscription fee required?

Tramigo is a one off purchase. No monthly subscription or yearly renewable. After purchase, the only money you spend is charge for notification SMS notification that the device in your car sends to you. The GSM SIM card will be put inside the Tramigo device in your car and can be recharged via virtual top up, when it runs low on air time.

  1. How do I keep the GSM line active? Do I need to be loading credit? How much and how often?

It depends on the number of SMS your device sends to you and the SIM network tariff. Most networks charge N4 per SMS. You can program your device not to send any notification until you request by sending SMS from your phone to the device. e.g your send “find” to you device and it replies; that is just one SMS. It is important to load at least N100 airtime monthly and be sending commands to the tracker at least once every month, to prevent the expiration of the tracker SIM card.

  1. Can I increase the number of phone programmed to control the car? Are the numbers changeable?

Tramigo can take up to three phone numbers to respond to their command. You can change the SIM to any network; it does not affect the programmed phone numbers. You can also change the phone numbers if desired.

  1. What happens if the car is at a location where the GSM operator/networks have no coverage?

If your car is in an area where there is no GSM coverage, the device stores all it notifications and time until it gets to an area of network coverage; it then sends out all the stored up notifications.